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HP100 Shredded 900g 32 serves

HP100 - Hydrolysed Isolate Protein & Xtreme Cuts Fat burner 


Protein. 22.82g. Fats. 0.0g. Carbs. 3.9g. Sugars. 0.4g. Caffeine. 134.4mg. Lactose. 0.0. Gluten. N/D. Per 28g serve.


Pharmaceutical grade purity HP100 NANO peptide extract protein combined with xtreme cuts fat burner.


Lactose and gluten free.


Natural sweetener.


Guarantee no digestive stress or discomfort.


Burn body fast and clean energy.


Serves. 32. 900g fine powder.


Recommended intake. x1 scoop pre training.

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